My name is Bruce Johnson and I'm a songwriter based out of Rogers, Arkansas.  The Ten 'til Two Project is a gathering place for some songs I've written over the years. 

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Music has always been my passion.  Playing drums at an early age, learning guitar then finally songwriting, seemed to be a natural progression. What I didn't see coming was the opportunity I've been given to meet and work with so many great musicians and artists.

Unlike many songwriters, I have no desire to be on a stage or hear myself on a recording...I'm just not wired that way.  I realize my strength is in writing lyrics, writing music and knowing what I want the finished product to sound like. With that in mind, I have surrounded myself with people that can play and sing way better than I could ever hope to.

When I cut a "demo" of a song, I use one young man 99% of the time.  He's out of Nashville and his name is Brad Benge.  Brad is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, engineer, producer, etc... that I have worked with for fifteen years.  Bless his heart, this poor guy has to put up with me and my constant tweaks to a song until it's exactly where I want it.  He's an amazing talent and I think you'll agree the finished result is more of a radio ready single than a demo.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, feel free to wander around the site.  I have samples of quite a few songs I've written from varied genres.

Thanks for stopping by.

Faith Hope Peace